Music Production Resources


This is a list of websites that include a broad range of resources (MIDI clips, sfz/sf2, samples, etc.).

Name URL
Musical Artifacts
Awesome GNU/Linux Audio

SF2/SFZ Libraries

This is a list of free SFZ/SF2 libraries that I will keep updated as I discover new ones.

If you know of any library under a free license not mentioned here please shoot me a message. Note that all of these explicitly allow re-distribution, even of modified versions. Non-free soundfonts or unlicensed ones are not included.

Name License URL
Versilian Community Sample Library CC0 1.0
RKhive Soundfonts CC0 1.0
GSi soundfonts Custom
Virtual Playing Orchestra Various
Ethan's SoundFonts Custom
NTONYX SoundFonts Custom
sfzinstruments CC-BY-4.0
FreePats CC0 1.0
Detuned Piano CC-BY-SA-3.0
Plucked Piano Strings CC-BY-SA-3.0
The City Piano Public domain
Polyphone Soundfonts Various
VS Chamber Orchestra: Community Edition CC0 1.0
Flame Studios GPL
Karoryfer Shinyguitar (and others) CC-BY-4.0
D Smolken's multi-sampled double bass CC-BY-3.0 Unported
Da Real 110 sample library CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

TODO: find some from here

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